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Get A Free Quote!

1. Call or message us a picture of your unwanted items (at least 2 angles)

2. Receive an instant quote for contact-less clean up.

Junk Removal

Made Easy

We are Hogan & Sons. The Hudson Valley's top junk disposal service, serving the area since 2005. Simply text us a picture of your unwanted items and get a free estimate. We haul it all away without you lifting a finger!

Our Services


Junk Removal

If you don't want it, we will remove it! Clean out your basement, garage, shed, attic, and everything in-between. Message us to start your free quote.

Small Demolition

Have a small job around the house you need done? Give us a call to take down that shed, pool, indoor wall, and more!

Trailer Dropoff & Pickup

You do the loading on your time and we will deliver it all to the dump for you. Schedule a trailer drop off & get rid of your unwanted junk today.


"Was super easy! Sent a pic, got an estimate and junk was gone in a matter of hours! Cleaning out the basement and shed. Feels great to see it all go away. Nice, professional. Hire them!

Lois Whitaker

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